Programs at Lime FM

Current Radio Programs on Lime FM

We would like to introduce to you all the amazing programs that are currently airing regularly on Lime FM. Every single one has been carefully selected to provide listeners with insightful Christian content that is both informative and highly entertaining.

We hope you enjoy listening to Lime FM.

The Word For Today – spoken by Bob Gass

The Word For Today are small daily devotionals that explore a Bible verse and the implications for Christians in the modern world. The Word For Today seeks to help you grow in your faith and relationship with God. They invite you to see how living in the Word of God can benefit every aspect of your life.

The Word For Today airing Monday to Friday at 6am and replayed at 12:30pm

The Word For Today airing Saturday at 4am and replayed at 11:30am

The Word For Today airing Sunday at 6am and replayed at 5:30pm

Printed copies of The Word For Today are also available to all Lime FM partners.

Focus on the Family – hosted by Jim Daily.

Focus on the Family offers relevant and practical support for parents and families to thrive in the difficult process of raising children. The program contains educational and inspirational lessons from Christian experts and grounded in Christian values. 

Focus on the Family weekdays airing Monday to Friday at 6:30am and replayed at 9pm.

Focus on the Family weekends airing Sunday at 1pm.

Adventures in Odyssey Radio Program.

Adventures in Odyssey is a  radio drama and comedy series created and produced by Focus on the Family and aimed at families with young children. Each week day we experience the lives of the residents of the fictional town of Odyssey, telling stories and learning lessons all grounded in Christian values.

Adventures in Odyssey airing Monday to Friday at 3:30pm.

A Different Perspective – with Berni Dymet.

A Different Perspective are short 10 minute programs looking at issues facing people today rooted in a Christian world view and by diving into the bible and studying the word of God and its practical implications.

A Different Perspective airing Monday to Friday from 10am.

Aussie Grown Across the Nation – hosted by Hank David

Each week Aussie Grown Across The Nation features an Artist Spotlight (2 songs & short interview) as well as the latest gig / touring information plus great music across many genres: rock, pop, folk, country, hiphop, blues etc.

Aussie Grown is highlighting up and coming Christian singer/song writers right here in Australia

Aussie Grown airs on Fridays at 8pm 

Truth For Life – with Alistair Begg

Truth For Life contains inspirational sermons from Pastor Alistair Begg that will challenge the way both Christians and non Christians live out their lives. Alistair reads the bible and reflects on the way Christians should react to the power of God and the person of Jesus Christ.

For more teachings and the full list of available messages from Alistair Begg please visit


Truth For Life airing Sunday at 10am and then repeated at 9pm

Momentum – hosted by Des and Tim

Momentum is a Christian radio ministry that is designed to help men in their day to day lives. They have programs that focus on fatherhood, being a good spouse and how men can cope with the challenges that come with masculinity. They regularly interview guests who share their insights and struggles with manhood. 

Momentum airing every Saturday at 5pm

Messages of Hope – hosted by Tania Nelson

Messages of hope shares inspiring and encouraging stories of hope in Jesus Christ.Messages of hope is a ministry of Lutheran Media.

 Messages of hope can be heard as a 15-minute podcast that uses an interview format to speak a message of hope in Jesus into life’s challenges. They cover topics such as parenting, relationships, addiction, finance, forgiveness, grief, mental health and more.  

Messages of Hope can also be found on Spotify and Apple podcasts. For more visit to find gospel-centred videos, podcasts and resources.

Messages of Hope airs every Saturday at 4pm.


Devotions in the Deep End – with Cam Buchanan

Devotions in the Deep End is a series of short messages from scripture, with the ambitious aim of eventually exploring the whole New Testament “as deeply and helpfully as we can,” around 15 minutes at a time!

Devotions in the Deep End airs every Sunday at 3pm

Towards Understanding – with Clayton Bjelan.

Towards Understanding is a feature interview program where he spends time talking about living out of a Christian faith. Clayton interviews a wide range of people from the well known, to the highly inspirational and even the ordinary person willing to be vulnerable about their challenges.  

Towards Understanding airs every Sunday from 10pm until 12am

The Daily show with Cam Want

Tha Daily show is your daily dose of news, interviews and great music in a up beat and energetic lunchtime show. For 3 hours every weekday Cam brings the very latest in Christian news happening around Australia with fun and exciting guests.

The Daily Show aires Monday to Friday from 11am until 2pm